Monday, November 9, 2015

Got Grit?

The following video confirms something I've always believed. It's not how smart you are, but how hard you work.

Talent doesn't give you grit.

I've seen this in my writing career. It's not the most talented writers who get published. It's the ones who persevere, don't give up. Those with dogged determination.

The ability to learn changes with your effort. I'm a perfect example of that, I think. I'm a non-traditional student. I went back to school in my late 40s. I'm graduating in my mid-50s. And yes, I passed tests not because I'm smart, but because I have a work ethic. I have the grit and determination to succeed. Maybe some people call this stubbornness.

Here's a TED talk that confirms my view:

So, teachers, don't give up on those kids with low IQs or achievement test scores. Value hard work, model hard work, foster hard work. And watch them soar!

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