Saturday, October 22, 2016

Week 10 - 4th Grade Fun

Honeywell Center, Wabash, Indiana
This week went by really fast! Between a field trip, several special presentations and parent-teacher conferences, the days just zoomed by. Week 10 was here and gone before I knew it. 

On Monday morning we worked on our blogs for the reading challenge. I helped a student write one of her blogs. Then we put together a latin roots prefixes notebook. That was pretty time-consuming, but I thought the kids did pretty well. We'll add Greek prefixes next week.

After reading and writing time, we went to the Honeywell Center in Wabash, Indiana to see the play, Frindle. I thought it was okay, and the kids seemed to enjoy it. The entire Intermediate school went. It was fun to see everyone out and about for the afternoon.

The premise of the story, Frindle, is very good, I think, for promoting literacy, reading and language. But I'm not sure it's a play-worthy story. However, I recognize that a lot of these theater companies do things that will help schools meet state standards. And in turn, this allows people to do theater. So while it was no bring-down-the-house performance, it was a nice diversion from the regular pace of school.  And it also exposed students to a live performance, which I think is extremely important these days.

On Tuesday morning a teacher from the Honeywell Center came and did an observation writing lesson using art. It was fascinating listening to the students' observations about various forms of art. The things they saw and interpreted were interesting. One student said one of the paintings reminded them of a foster home. Sort of tells us where these kids are coming from.

I also got to lead three reading groups and started teaching a little bit of Math by leading the daily math exercises. I am dire need of reviewing my academic language in math. I plan to do that this weekend. It's just one of those things that if you don't bathe yourself in the vocabulary on a regular basis, you definitely forget it.

For writing the teacher asked me to talk to the students about being a writer and the writing process. I was to focus on how writing involves a ton of re-writing. Today I found this awesome quote by Dahl I can't wait to share with the students on Monday. (We're reading his book, BFG, as a class.)

I was thrilled to get to share my books with the students. Some of them were very excited about knowing a "real writer." Others weren't a bit impressed, which is great. One of them wants to take my book home, but I think I'm going to give them each a copy of my Canada book as a good-bye gift when I leave in six weeks.

Wednesday was more of the same except that we had Junior Achievement again. It was a great week for having tons of special things going on and made the week go super-fast.

Wednesday night I stayed for parent-teacher conferences. I also went for awhile on Thursday. Friday was fall break. Yay!

This coming week I'll have more responsibility and will be introducing our unit on the Native Americans. I have tons of homework and am feeling overwhelmed and run-down. It's been difficult to get anything done at home with this crazy schedule. But I'm trying to breathe and take it a day at a time, a job at a time, 100 square feet at a time <grin>.

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  1. Enjoyed your blog! It seems like you really enjoy teaching...Linda B


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