Monday, January 21, 2019

Soup Carry-In - My Contribution to the Human Resources Team This School Year

I'm on the Human Resources team at school. Each teacher is asked to join a team. I joined the HR team because I thought it would be the most comfortable for me as a new teacher. But now, I wish I'd joined the tech team. Oh well!

Note: we don't have a PTA or any kind of parent organization at our school. So, those of you who do, please appreciate those folks!

It's fun planning fun activities for the teachers. The people on our team are supposed to sign up for a month. I signed up for January and since it was National Soup Month, I thought that would be a nice, comforting warm spot on a cold winter day. I think everyone enjoyed it!

Here's the poster I designed:

Who arranges the fun stuff for your staff at your school?

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