Tuesday, March 5, 2019

So, I'm teaching behavior this year...

No one asked if I wanted to. I just got a phone call that said, "You're teaching behavior resource this year!"

So I had to move out of my office and classroom and move into two other rooms - one in 6th-grade and one in 8th-grade. Which meant doing things very similar in each room for my students with autism and other emotional disabilities.

What a job. If my husband and sons hadn't helped me, I'd never gotten it done! I'm very happy with how the rooms turned out. Here's my room in the 6th-grade wing:

I have a calm-down tent in both rooms. 

I got a lot of push-back from someone for setting up my room this way. They were convinced the kids would tear it apart. So far, they've not been super-destructive on purpose. I did have one very angry student rip a hole in the tent. But these little pop-up tents are only $30. I put some pretty duct-tape over it to repair it and next year I'll get another one. These tents are used a LOT. They are magical the way they calm kids down and help them regroup.

One of my students hides with the pillows and likes the pressure of them stacked on himself. Hello, Autism!

As far as people being worried about bed bugs in my pillows, that hasn't happened yet, either. I do spray them down with tea tree oil and I think that might help. All in all, the kids love their room and take good care of everything. I think when things are nice, they have a different respect for it. I don't know. I could be wrong. 

And guess what? I love it. I like this position so much better because I get to interact with the students more. My caseload is still high (27) but after getting broken in last year with a caseload of nearly 60? This feels ok. (Even though one student with a behavior diagnosis is equal to three, which gives me 70+ but I still like this better!)

What did you teach this school year? How are you liking it? Do you think you'll teach it again next year? Let me know!

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