Here are a few links and tidbits of info that I found helpful both in my studies and while substitute and student teaching.

For Behavioral Intervention 

Iris Resource Locator 

IDEA Discipline Provisions Tool 

Info Regarding a Behavior's Goals:
I really like this method of questioning the student based on the visceral response  I'm experiencing from them. Am I feeling annoyed? If so, the student may be wanting attention. Beaten or intimidated? The power is the goal. Wronged or hurt? Perhaps the student is seeking revenge. Incapable of reaching the child in any way? Then helplessness could be the behavioral goal.

As an INFP, this makes total sense to me. What a great way to get to the bottom of a behavior:

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Praise vs. Encouragement:
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Classroom Structures Which Encourage Student Participation


Jigsaw Classroom

Culturally Responsive Instruction

Multicultural Education Reform

English Language Learners Brief

Lesson Plan on Native American Diversity

Human Rights Lesson Plan

What Assumptions Are We Making About Our Students' Experiences?

Teaching Tolerance

Anti-Racism Activity: The Sneetches

What Can We Learn From a Box of Crayons? Lesson Plan

Toolkit for Creating Inclusive Learning-Friendly Environments

Special Education Categories

Supports, Modifications and Accommodations

Accommodations and Modifications

Language Arts

Interactive Cube Creator


Social Studies


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